How do I know if a website using AdSense?

  1. Observe Ad Placements: The most apparent indication of a website using AdSense is the presence of advertisements displayed on its pages. AdSense ads typically appear as banners, text ads, or a combination of both. Look for visually distinct sections labeled as “Ads by Google,” “Sponsored Links,” or similar wording. These areas are usually separate from the site’s main content and can be found in sidebars, headers, footers, or within the content itself.
  2. Right-click and Inspect Element: One quick way to determine if AdSense is being used is by right-clicking on a webpage and selecting “Inspect” or “Inspect Element” (varies across browsers). This action will open the browser’s developer tools, where you can analyze the website’s source code. Look for HTML or JavaScript code snippets that contain terms like “AdSense,” “,” or “” These references indicate the presence of AdSense scripts or tracking codes.
  3. View Page Source: If you’re comfortable exploring the source code directly, you can view the page source of a website. Simply right-click on the webpage and choose “View Page Source” or “View Source.” This will open a new tab or window displaying the website’s HTML code. Use the search function (Ctrl+F) to find specific keywords like “AdSense” or “googleadservices.” Instances of these terms within the code may reveal the usage of AdSense.
  4. Check the URL Structure: AdSense ads are often loaded from Google’s servers, so the website’s URLs might contain specific patterns related to AdSense. Look for URLs that include terms like “,” “,” or “” If you come across URLs with these domain names, it suggests the presence of AdSense on the website.
  5. Analyze Network Requests: By using browser developer tools, you can analyze the network requests made by a website. When a page loads AdSense ads, it typically sends requests to Google’s servers. Open the developer tools, switch to the “Network” tab, and refresh the webpage. Look for requests to domains such as “” or “” These requests signify that the website is utilizing AdSense.
  6. AdBlocker Detection: Some websites employ techniques to detect ad blockers, as these extensions often block AdSense ads. When a user has an ad blocker enabled, websites may display messages requesting users to disable it. If you encounter such messages or pop-ups when visiting a website, it is highly likely that AdSense is being used.
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Identifying whether a website is using Google AdSense can be accomplished through a combination of visual observation, source code analysis, URL examination, and network request inspection. By employing these methods, users can gain insights into the monetization strategies employed by websites and better understand the advertising ecosystem online.